Jumbo Supermaket
Home delivery case

Created during employment at Searchresult.
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The challenge

Jumbo Supermarket has a major growth ambition when it comes to e-commerce. That is why they started the Jumbo Delivery Service at the beginning of 2016. Objective: get more customers on Jumbo.com, in order to achieve a sustainable revenue growth.

our approach

The Netherlands is getting used to shopping online. But when it comes down to groceries, most people go to the supermarket. This is done on a routine basis, because people think that online shopping takes a lot of time and is a hassle. To attract new customers for Jumbo.com, we had to remove these thresholds with a very simple and fast order / delivery process. With online resources we show people that shopping online is very easy with the new scan function within the Jumbo app. We have set up a sophisticated online campaign aimed at sub-target groups. With dynamic creations we show each sub-target group a relevant range of products, at the right time and the right place (through programmatic buying). The different banners link to different landing pages.


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